What We Do

 Where we base and what we offer 

Where We Work In Africa


Nigeria (see map of the world above) is one of the few democracies in Africa. It is very wealthy, but it is still a country in desperate need of help.

Where We Base In Nigeria


St Christoper Hospital, Umuhu-Atta, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria is where Father Isaac was born; and one of  the clinics we base our missions.

Test & Treat Diabetes


We offer free blood work, including  diabetes test and treatment.

Eye Exams & Glasses


We offer free eye examinations and provide free eye glasses.

Breast Cancer Awareness


We offer free breast cancer screening and breast cancer awareness.

Malaria Medication


 We offer free malaria medication and how to prevent mosquitoes bites.

Test & Treat HIV/AIDS


 We offer free HIV/AIDS tests and treatment .

African Partnership


We work in collaboration with our African partners: doctors,  anesthesiologists, nurses and hospital chaplains.

Adult & Pediatric Clinic


 We offer pediatric care, as well as adult care. 

All Are Welcome


 We welcome all  patients no matter their gender, social class, ethnicity, or religion.

Opening Prayer


Each day, the Chaplain offered an opening prayer for the patients, nurses and doctors.

Eke-Atta Marketplace

The people in the rural area where were

The local marketplace in the area we base our  free medical missions.

Wish List For Future Missions

The Foundation's Wish List for future missions include the ability to:

· award high school scholarships, especially to young girls

· award micro-finance loans to single women, especially single mothers

· offer job skills education to single women and single mothers

· drill wells to provide clean drinking water

Make A Difference

We welcome you to be a part of our team making a difference in the lives of the poor and needy in Africa. We hope you'll support our programs.  Please join us in making a difference in many lives!