From The President & CEO

 Statement from the President & CEO


From Niagara Falls, New York

Father Isaac's Foundation, Inc. (FIF) was established to provide free medical treatment to the poor and less privileged in Africa.  We also try to educate and equip communities with knowledge, special skill sets, and other resources helpful for educating and raising their children through our community development initiatives.  We welcome you to be a part of our life giving and life changing humanitarian venture.

Father Isaac I. Ihiasota, PhD 

President & CEO

Father Isaac's Foundation, Inc.

Niagara Falls, New York

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Relationship With The Foundation

Father Isaac's Foundation, Inc. was created for free medical missions, helping the poor and the needy.  Inspired by the generosity and support of our partners, major donors and sponsors, this foundation was formed to help the less privileged in Africa.  We're excited to be helping the poor and needy. We welcome new partners, donors and sponsors to be a part of our dedication to free medical missions and changing lives.

Thanks To Our Partners!

Thanks to our major donors, sponsors, and partners for your inspiration, generosity and support.  You've made it possible for us to do fourteen (14) free medical missions since 1988!  We could't have been able to do them without you.