Medical Mission Partners

USA And African Medical Mission Partners 


World Medical Relief, Inc

  21725 Melrose Avenue

Southfield, Michigan 48075

Phone: (313) 866-5333

Fax: (313) 866-5588

Community Healthcare Network-Ng

PO Box 141

Stony Point, New York, NY 10980

Phone (917) 692-2155

St Christopher Hospital

 Atta, Ikeduru,

Imo State, Nigeria

Airtel Networks

Plot L2 Foreshore Estate

Banana Island
Lagos, Nigeria 

We Welcome New Partners

Father Isaac's Foundation, Inc. welcomes new partners, sponsors, volunteers, and accepts donations from small businesses and large corporations, as well as from individuals.  The  Foundation is committed to using every donation wisely to help the poor and needy in Africa.  You can become a new partner today.  Please consider joining us.  Thank you!

We Welcome You Too!

We welcome you to be a part of changing lives. Join us in our journey of life changing humanitarian medical missions.