Father Isaac's Foundation, Inc, 2019

Our Story

In 1988, Father Isaac Ihiasota went on his first medical mission to Africa.  He carried with him several suitcases of medicine and medical supply from World Medical Relief, Inc, Detroit, Michigan.  Since then, he has traveled to Africa on several free medical missions.  Father Isaac has been able to do these free medical missions with the prayers, support and donations from his former parishioners, friends and individuals who believe in helping the poor and needy in Africa.

In July 2018, Father Isaac went on his fourteenth free medical mission trip! This time, he traveled with Dr. Julius Nwosu, of Community Healthcare Network-Ng, and Franklin, Jr. Foundation, a New York based medical group.  And, on July 4th and 5th, with the help of Nigerian doctors, anesthesiologists and nurses, the team was able to treat over fifteen hundred patients!

In 2019, after fourteen (14) free medical missions trips, in over thirty (30) years, Father Isaac founded and formed Father Isaac's Foundation, Inc.  The Foundation was established to continue his humanitarian and philanthropic work of bringing free medicines and medical treatment to the less privileged in Africa.

Father Isaac & Dr. Julius Nwosu Having A Heart-To-Heart Talk Before Medical Mission On July 4, 2018
Father Isaac & Dr. Julius Nwosu Having A Heart-To-Heart Talk Before Medical Mission On July 4, 2018

   Suitcases of medicine and medical supply for Free Medical Mission 2014

St Stephen's Episcopal Church, Niagara Falls, New York


 Free Medical Mission 2018


 Patients, Medical Mission, July 4, 2018 


 This state-of-the-art mobile clinic is to reach the people in the rural areas. 


Patients, Medical Mission, July 5, 2018


 Dr. Julius Nwosu, Father Isaac, a Nigerian Anesthesiologist & Hospital Chaplain


A Nigerian Doctor, Dr. Julius Nwosu &

Father Isaac

Our Commitment

The Foundation is committed to providing a sustainable approach to improving the lives of the poor and needy through our free medical missions and programs: education, public health education, micro-finance loans, providing clean water wells, and promoting friendship across US and African cultures. Our free medical missions and programs are wholly dependent upon contributions and support from donors and sponsors.  More than 90 percent of donated funds are spent in Africa, and no member of our Board of Directors, or US medical team receives a salary.

Our Partnerships

We work in collaboration with our partners in the United States: donors and sponors; and our African partners: churches, doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, and others in providing quality healthcare and medicalcare to the poor and needy in Africa.