About Us


Who We Are

We are Father Isaac's Foundation, Inc (FIF) a public charity foundation, under  Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section  501(c)(3), non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Niagara Falls, New York, USA.  We are founded, formed and funded by individuals, churches and organizations, who believe that good healthcare is a human right for every adult and every child, and not a privilege of a few. And, when we say every adult and every child, we mean everyone, no matter their gender, social class, ethnicity, or religion.

The Foundation's primary mission is in Nigeria in Africa. Nigeria is one of the wealthiest countries (if not the wealthiest country) in sub-Saharan Africa; yet, there is poverty everywhere. Many adults and children have no access to good healthcare. A lot of children have no access to good education because of the high cost of education, and some are homeless and subject to a wide range of abuses. Instead of attending school, many spend their days hawking items on city streets in efforts to contribute to their family’s meager income. Some are robbed of their childhood, and from the opportunities to realize their full potential. There are many circumstances that expose the children to dangerous conditions and perpetuate devastating cycles of poverty. These conditions inhibit healthy childhood development and constrain children’s future economic prospects. The adults are even worse off, with poor medical conditions, tropical diseases and poverty.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free and quality healthcare to the poor, needy and less privileged in Africa.

We believe that good healthcare is a human right and not a privilege for a few; and that every child has unique interests and capabilities.

We recognize the importance of good healthcare for the total well-being of the individual.

We are formed as a response to the health crises and the health educational needs in Africa, especially in Nigeria.

Our support includes, but is not limited to providing:

· free medical treatment to poor and less privileged children and adults

· additional free prenatal and postnatal visits after our medical missions

· additional follow-up medical care and educational opportunities after our free medical missions.


Our Vision And Goals

Our vision is a world where good healthcare is a right for all and not a privilege of a few, especially a right for poor and less privileged children and single mothers.

Our primary goal is to provide quality free healthcare for the poor, needy and underprivileged.  We provide short and long-term support for health and wellness to children and adults through our free medical mission programs. We work in collaboration with our partners, churches, sponsors, corporations and individual donors in the US in making a difference in the lives of many in Africa.

Our secondary goal is to alleviate the destructive impact of poverty on children’s lives by removing them–one child at a time–from the streets, unhealthy environments and providing them with long-term healthcare and educational opportunities.

We strive to educate and equip entire communities, through our free medical missions. Our young women’s empowerment program gives them the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for ensuring that their children are raised in a healthy, safe, and supportive environment.


Our Hopes And Dreams

The Foundation's hopes and dream, for the future, include the ability to do the following:

· conduct extensive public health education

· do vaccination programs for infants and children

· distribute bed-net to combat malaria

· conduct child survival and nutritional education

We're excited about our future: hopes and dreams.  We hope you can join us, and help us to achieve our hopes and dreams and make a difference in the lives of many.